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             WHY WE STAND OUT FROM OTHERS           

MOC Shipyards offer the following combined advantages to clients:
  • Australian management and sales team conversant with market demands.
  • In-house engineering allows us to tailor vessel designs according to your requirements.
  • Economic offshore construction, with great support and service provided across all 2 locations.
  • Track record of premium quality builds at competitive prices.
  • Solid commitment to swift, on-time completion and after sales support.
  • An organisational culture built around quality, safety and gaining repeat order from our clients and becoming the yard of choice for new clients.

                 THE MOC SHIPYARDS STANDARD             

MOC Shipyards are internationally accepted for a unique shipbuilding philosophy.
The MOC Shipyards Standard is about providing clients with the fastest possible delivery of proven, reliable technology. The benefits of this approach are wide and include construction in steel or aluminium or a combination of both ensuring minimal maintenance and low total cost of ownership.
MOC Shipyards strive to deliver flexible, versatile vessels to cater for the diverse requirements of our clients. This versatility gives us the necessary edge to maintain our market ahead of our competitors.
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