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                               QUALITY POLICY                            

In our professional shipbuilding activities we aspire to fulfill all expectations of our customers, designers and regulators:
  • MOC Shipyards undertake to offer quality services by fulfilling the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, exceeding the needs and expectations of our customer and carry out the vision as an “International Quality Shipbuilder”.
  • It is the Company’s objective to attain this vision by on time delivery of its products, safety in the work place, International quality and customer satisfaction.The Company is also committed to continual improvement of our services by monitoring performance against defined quality objectives in effective safe operations and procedures.
  • This Quality Policy is implemented, maintained and communicated at all levels of the organization and interested parties.

                      ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY                     

Our environment is our responsibility to respect and protect:
  • MOC Shipyards is committed to environmental protection in line with the requirements of ISO 14001:2004. Environmental management system of the Company has defined structure and responsibility to continually achieve cost-effective improvement and environmental performance.
  • The Company’s environmental objective is waste reduction; safe operating practices; and pollution prevention on nature of service. The Company is also committed to comply with applicable legal requirements, legislation and continual improvement. This Environmental Policy is implemented, maintained, communicated to all employees including all persons working on behalf of the organization and is made available to the public, customers and any interested parties.
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