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These vessels are 36 to 42 metre ballistic protected triple screw for the oil and gas industry, coastguards, customs, SAR on an international basis. There are very few manufacturers in the world for these products, however with world security threats increasing and offshore assets needing to be secure, most oil majors are obliged to provide the vessels on behalf of the regional country.

The vessels are designed to operate in heavy sea conditions, and are cost effective to build and operate as commercial operators are the owners and not the defense sectors, who have very high and expensive specifications for their vessels. International applications with strong demand is one of the key drivers for MOC’s expansion, based on a proven product operating in West Africa today (refer to image shown below). The average cost per unit is US $3,200,000. The sale price is US $4,500,000. Manpower hours to manufacture are 75,000 to 80,000 per unit.

36m Patrol vessel
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