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Length Overall



Fuel capacity



Turning circle 

10.00 m

5.40 m with tank, 3.00 m without tank

3.30 m air draft; 0.50 m lightship

1200 litres

900 m3/h approx.

4,5 knots maximum

360 degrees within own length

MOC MULTITOOL is the ideal machine for civil engineering, construction and dredging companies, as well as municipalities and governments who have projects in shallow waters.

The MOC amphibious multipurpose dredger is a very cost effective machine capable of dredging, clearing and piling on dry land, muddy & swamp conditions in water depth up to 6.57m. The compact equipment provides an excellent alternative against various other machines capable to perform single tasks only. Easily transported by truck and is able to load and unload itself from transportation truck on its own.

The MOC amphibious multipurpose dredger concept is an Australian Marine Technology design and is an obvious choice when it comes to all environmental shallow water projects globally.


  • Inland and coastal water ways maintenance

  • Land reclamation, heritage and environmental improvements

  • Clean urban, industrial, mining canals and ponds

  • Aid to construction (piling etc.)



Length: 10.0 m
Beam with tank: 5.40 m
Beam without tank: 3.0 m
Draft: 0.80 m Design draft, 0.50 m lightship, 3.30 m air draft
Lightship displacement: 20.7 tonnes
Fuel capacity: 1200 litres
Transport length (with boom): 15.0 m
Transport length (without boom): 10.0 m
Transport beam: 3.0 m
Transport height: 2.65 m


Dredging: 900 m3/hour @ 300 mm pipe diameter

Maximum speed: 4.5 knots

Fuel consumption: 45 litres/hour at economic speed; 57 litres/hour at full dredging power

Turning circle: 360 degrees within own length



Main engine: 1 x 270 HP, Caterpillar C7.1
Hydraulics: 450 litres hydraulic tank with cooler, 240//pm @ 5000 psi
Cooling system: Radiator air cooling
Exhausts: Dry muffler c/w spark arrestors
Tools: Frontline tools, equipment and testing tools for preventative maintenance and onboard breakdowns



Crane: An integrated Crane of 0.50 tonnes for loading and unloading of detachable pontoons

Excavator: The Excavator boom has reach of 7.3 m with depth covering up to 6.57m, while its arm can rotate 180 degrees, Providing 83 kN breakout force from Bucket Cylinder, 47kN Digging force from Arm Cylinder & 24.5kN lifting capacity at max reach

Hull: Hull is secured with 6 watertight compartments, and painted with 2 pack epoxy and antifoul below waterline.

Cabin: Air Conditioned, noise Resistant with excellent visibility and comfortable cabin provided, ROPS certified

Stability: Two front stabilizers, with maximum depth of 5m and two rear stabilizers with maximum depth of 6.75m along with two detachable pontoons, one on each side of the dredger provides high level stability

Anchor: 1 x fwd, and 1 x aft

Bilge pump: Electric

Electrical: 24v / 12v, shore power connection, wiper and DC distribution panel

Lighting: Deck lights, navigation lights and search light

Batteries: 2 sets 24v with isolator

Safety equipment: To match Flag State requirements

Bollards: 4 sets

Cleats: 2 sets

Lifting lugs: 4 off

Electronics: VHF radio, sounder, GPS and dredging depth monitoring


Suction Dredging: The MOC multi-tool rotating cutter head has been engineered to operate in very shallow depths. The dredged material is capable of being pumped ashore by utilisation of the on-board pumping arrangements and a floating 300mm pipeline.
Alternatively the spoil and dredging material can be simply loaded ashore or into a barge
Backhoe and dipper dredging: The MOC amphibious multipurpose dredger can operate a 600 L clamshell bucket, a standard backhoe bucket of up to 700 L and rakes of various sizes dependent on requirements. Having the versatility of being able to rotate the buckets and rakes the MOC amphibious multipurpose dredger can operate in either backhoe or dipper dredge mode, this feature is ideal for sediment removal near structures

Aid to construction: The versatility of the MOC multi-tool in construction is limitless, from the use of the various buckets, augers and rakes right through to pile driving and rock breaking.
Hydraulic piling hammer: By utilising high frequency vibration to vibrate the pile body this passes the vertical vibration to the pile which leads to changes in the soil structure around the pile, thus reducing the strength of the surrounding substrate.
The combination of excavator down force, vibrating pile hammer and pile body weight, allows the pile to be driven in a seemingly effortless way. This applies to both timber and steel piles to a maximum of 200 mm diameter.
Rock Breaker: Rock breakers are widely used in construction, mining and environmental practices, MOC saw the advantage in adding the rock breaker attachment to the range of implements available for the amphibious multipurpose dredger. Powered by the hydraulic system a powerful percussion hammer can be fitted for demolishing concrete structures or rocks.
Hydraulic Augers: Are available in a range of sizes up to 500mm, these augers are primarily used in construction and environmental refurbishment applications.

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